Networked Disruption: The Book

Networked Disruption – Rethinking Oppositions in Art, Hacktivism and the Business of Social Networking by Tatiana Bazzichelli now available (DARC Press, Aarhus University, 2013).

Networked Disruption by Tatiana Bazzichelli Cover

The current techno-economic paradigm of Web 2.0 has challenged notions of art and hacktivism within digital culture. The book “Networked Disruption” takes up this challenge and discusses a new perspective on political and social criticism. It simultaneously asks what are the conditions for hacker and artistic practices under Web 2.0 and how can social networking be seen to build on and incorporate artistic practices from the earlier decades of digital and network culture.

Through its theoretical discussion of contemporary art and hacktivism, the book maps out a new contradictory space for art and criticism: Networked disruption.
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