Tatiana Bazzichelli has been teaching at Universities since the end of the 1990s – Focus: art, hacktivism, whistleblowing and network culture

University Classes:

Summer Semester 2017 (April – July 2017): B.A.-Class “Media Culture After the Internet: On Post-Digital Practices and New Forms of Technological Resistance”, Fachhochschule Potsdam, University of Applied Sciences, Degree in Cultural Practice, Campus FHP, Potsdam;

Winter Semester 2016/2017 (October 2016 – February 2017): B.A.-Class “Networked Culture and Disruption: Between Art, Hacking and Whistleblowing”, Fachhochschule Potsdam, University of Applied Sciences, Degree in Cultural Practice, Campus FHP, Potsdam;

August 2011: Summer Class on “Art & Disruptive Business”, Transart Institute, Master of Fine Arts, Program in New Media “MFA Creative Practice”, Berlin;

February – May 2009: M.A.-Class: “Hacktivism and Networking from Mail Art to Web 2.0”, Department of Information and Media Studies, Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University, Denmark.

University Seminars & Workshops

May 2016: “Disruption: Between Art, Hacking & Whistleblowing”, Seminar at Spektrum Berlin with the B.A. Students of the School of Communication and Culture, Dep. Aesthetics and Culture, Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University, Denmark;

November 2015: “Medienwandel zwischen Disruption und Erneuerung” (Media Change between Disruption and Renewal), Innsbruck Media Studies, University of Innsbruck, Austria;

October 2015: “Networked Disruption” presentation at the Berlin Research Workshop by The Centre for the Internet and Human Rights (CIHR), Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences, European University Viadrina;

June 2015: “Networked Disruption”, Workshop at the School of Global Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Goteborg, Sweden;

June 2015: “Ethical Design of Interfaces – Combat Drones and their Users”, Workshop at the Research Center for Proxy Politics, Universität der Künste UdK, Berlin;

June 2015: “Disruption Network Lab: Cyborg” presentation at the Brera Art Academy, Milan, Italy;

November 2014: Keynote: “Business Disruption as Artistic Intervention”, Research Department in Mobile Media Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada;

September 2014: “Beyond the Interface: Disrupting the Market”, ISMAR, The International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Technical University of Munich;

October 2014: “Spatialities of Co-Creation, Collaboration and Peer Production in the Digital Age: Creative Networks”, Presentation at the Royal Geography Society Annual Conference 2014, Imperial College London, UK;

June 2014: Keynote: “Networking Berlin: Mapping a City of Temporary Flows”, 11th NECS Graduate Workshop, Cattolica University of Milan, Italy;

June 2013: “Rollenspiele – Feminismus im Zeitalter des digitalen Postgender” Panel, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Technische Universität TU Berlin;

May 2013: “Art, Activism and Hacker Culture” at “Mundo em Rede”, Intelligence Technologies and Digital Design Postgraduate Program, Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil;

May 2013: “Networked Disruption: Arte e hacktivismo em debate”, Critical Theory and Digital Culture, IEA- Advance Study Programme, USP – University of São Paolo, Brazil (Prof. Massimo Canevacci);

May 2013: “Networked Disruption”: at the CED – Centro de Estudos do Corpo, Pontificial Catholic University of São Paulo, Media Body Research Group (Prof. Helena Katz), Brazil;

December 2012: Panel: “The Aesthetics of Disruptive Business”, Aesthetics Re-loaded, International conference, Aarhus University, Denmark;

November 2012: Co-organiser “Researching BWPWAP: International Research Conference and PhD Workshop”, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany;

December 2011: “Networked Disruption”, CDC Center for Digital Cultures, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany;

February 2012: “Networked Disruption”, DATA Event 51.0 in Dublin, Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland;

November, 2011: Co-organiser “In/compatible Research Conference”, in/compatible Research – Workshop/Conference, Universität der Künste UdK, Vilém Flusser Archive, Berlin;

September 2011: “Don’t Hate the Business, Become the Business!”, Panel, ISEA Istanbul, Sabaci University, Istanbul, Turkey;

April 2011: “Indie Porn & Net Porn – Pornography as a subjective and collaborative experience”, Brera Art Academy, Milan, Italy;

January 2011: “When Art Goes Disruptive: The A/Moral Dis/Order of Recursive Publics”, at the Public Interfaces Conference, Dep. Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University, DK;

October 2010: “Hacktivism”; Guest Lecture at the “Perspectives on Multimedia” Class by Soeren Pold and Olav Bertelsen, Dep. Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University, DK;

October 2010: Seminar and Electronic Music Performance with Roberto Paci Dalò Giardini Pensili, Rimini/Berlin, “Audio Design” Class, Dep. Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University, DK;

October 2010: “Media Ghosts Between Conspiracy, Pranks and Myth”; at the Conference: Emotions, Media and Crime -International Culture and Media Conference, Dep. Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University, DK;

September 2010: “Subverting Social Mediocracy. Hacktivist and Artistic Strategies of Intervention in Social Media”; Guest Lecture at the “Digital Culture” Class by Geoff Cox, Dep. Information and Media Studies, Aarhus University, DK;

June 2010: “The Network Events. Networked art as a challenge for sociopolitical transformation”; at the Conference: “Event, Signal, Affect: The ‘Signaletic’ Event in Art, Culture and Politics”, Aarhus University, DK;

May 2010: Art and Business Think-Tank (with Geoff Cox); Research Seminar, DARC – Digital Aesthetics Research Center, May 21st, Aarhus University, DK;

March 2010: “DIY and the Art of Networking”. Research Seminar: Creative Digital Media Research Practice: Production Through Exhibition, Culture Lab, Newcastle, UK;

April 2010: “Aesthetics of Common Participation and Networking Enterprises”; at the Conference: Interweaving Technologies – The Aesthetics of Digital Urban Living, Aarhus University, DK;

April 2010: “Art and Digital Culture in Italy: Towards a Participatory Artwork”, Department of Language, Literature and Culture, Italian culture, Aarhus University, DK;

January 2010: Meeting with Henrik Bennetsen from the Stanford Humanities Lab (Presentation of Sirikata, an online platform for games and virtual worlds). January 15th, Aarhus University, Denmark;

January 2010: “On Hackerspaces and Anonymity Networks”. Talk with Jake Appelbaum from NoiseBridge, San Francisco. January 7th, Aarhus University, Denmark;

June 2009: Networking & Hacktivism. Networking Art from mail art to Web 2.0; at the Fine Art Academy of Brera, Milan;

March 2009: “The Art of Networking”, at Oekonux Conference, University of Manchester, UK;

February 2009: Co-organiser “Sousveillance, The Art of Inverse Surveillance”, moderation of Sousveillance Conference and Event, Aarhus Univesity, DK;

October 2007: Presentation of “Networking. The Net as Artwork” at Academy of Fine Arts, Rome, Italy;

November 2006: Seminar “Hacker Culture”, at “On the Edge, International Digital Kunst Festival”, Aarhus University, Denmark;

May 2006: Seminar “Networking Art”, at the Digital Culture Department (Prof. Derrick de Kerckhove), University of Sociology “Federico II”, Naples, Italy;

April 2006: Workshop “Sex-Tech-Net-Porn”, NABA New Media Art Academy, Milan, Italy;

February 2006: Seminar “Women Digital Communities in Europe”, at the Researching the Future Convention, PhD M-Node, NABA New Media Art Academy, Milan, Italy;

November 2004: “Digital Arts”, within the Interfaces Convention, at “Tor Vergata” University, Rome, Italy;

July 2004: Net Art Seminar at the Media Art Design Course, at Academy of Arts and New Technology, Rome, Italy;

May 2003: Seminar “Hacktivism and Art”, Art History Class, Academy of Fine Arts, Rome, Italy;

March 2003: Seminar “Digital Culture: Towards a Center of Digital Arts in Rome”, at IED (European Design Institute), Rome, Italy;

December 2000: Seminar “Digital Art & Performativity” at Quasar Institute – Multimedia & Habitat Design University, Rome, Italy;

October 1999: Seminar “Digital Interactive Art”, Semiotic of the Art, Modern Literature and Sciences of Languages Department, at University of Siena, Arezzo, Italy.