Welcome to deadSwap 2.0

A new version of deadSwap by #Telekommunisten at transmediale 2015!


deadSwap by telekommunisten is a clandestine offline file sharing system where participants covertly pass a USB stick from one to another. The route of the USB memory stick and the identity of the other participants is not known by the users but controlled by local, independently operated SMS gateways that are kept as a carefully shared secret by their users.
deadSwap relies on the diligence and strict adherence to operational security of its agents. Nothing is secure in deadSwap, all text messages are unencrypted and sent over the public telephone system.
In order to maintain operational security, deadSwap participants need to follow procedures properly as failing to do so will compromise the security of the network and all of its users.

We launched the first release of deadSwap in 2009, during the Sousveillance Conference in Aarhus /Denmark. During transmediale 2015 it comes back upgraded and ready to be experienced and enjoyed at: http://deadswap.net

Read more on the deadSwap agent manual

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