Sensorial Cartography (Seminar + Performance)

Seminar and Electronic Music Performance by Roberto Paci Dalò
Giardini Pensili – Rimini/Berlin


Seminar/Performance: Wednesday, October 6, 9.00-11.00
Student workshop: 11.00-12.00
Room 114B (Lydlab.), Adorno Building, Aarhus University

Roberto Paci Dalò is an Italian artist, composer and artistic director of Giardini Pensili and Velvet Factory, currently based in Rimini and Berlin.

Sensorial Cartography shows examples from Roberto Paci Dalò’s works based on urban explorations and expanded cartography. Through sound and projection (light, video, film) Roberto’s work tends to re-design (and remix) the perception of usual (and sometimes forgotten) places. From opera houses to industrial archaeologies, from radio to telecommunication systems, these projects deliberately work on media strategies, tactic and subliminal information, “sonic warfare”, and memory layers.

The seminar includes the live electronic music performance and screening of Atlas of Emotion Stream, inspired by the book Atlas of Emotion: Journeys in Art, Architecture, and Film by Giuliana Bruno.
After the seminar and performance, a student workshop will follow.

Supported by: DARC, Digital Aesthetics Research Centre
Hosted by: Morten Breinbjerg and Tatiana Bazzichelli

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