Creative Digital Media Research Practice: Production Through Exhibition


Venue: Culture Lab, Space 4/5, Newcastle, UK
9th March 2010 – 10th March 2010, 09:00 – 17:00
AHRC funded Collaborative Research

I am leaving for Newcastle to attend the event: Creative Digital Media Research Practice: Production Through Exhibition. It is an AHRC funded Collaborative Research Training project on digital media, art research and curating. I’ll be part of a a panel on Do It Yourself research practice (moderated by Lalya Gaye) and I am going to present the topics of my current research at Aarhus University, Networking 2.0, An aesthetic, technological and social critique of collective art. I will also share my methodological approach, which is inspired by the Ethnographic Surrealism of James Clifford, (1981) and present my current investigation, which combines a multi-semiotic approach, and an empirical “intermedia” of networking practices, hacker and activist strategies.

Here is a description of the event – my talk is scheduled on the afternoon of March 10, Culture Lab, Newcastle.

“The aim of the series is to bring together post-graduate students of digital media art practice and curating with specialists in the field in order to share research methodologies and enhance the level of cross disciplinary understanding. We seek to integrate the specialist methodologies of digital media into the wider fields of arts and design.

We bring to the table the complete lifecycle of digital media art, from education to production to dissemination, exhibition and interpretation. This holistic approach is of fundamental importance now that digital media art is increasingly accepted in a broader range of traditional cultural, institutional, and gallery contexts. Outreach will focus on bringing students, practitioners, and curators into dialogue to share methodologies, knowledge, and experience”.

Stay Tuned!

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