Report: Meeting on Hackerspaces with Jake Appelbaum


The meeting with Jake Appelbaum was a very nice opportunity of gathering students, researchers and interesting ‘geeks’. The discussion was quite alive and based on sharing of experience and knowledge about hacking, technology and development of hacker communities. We reflected on the technological and political meaning of hacking, on gender issues related to the creation of hackerspaces, and Jake inspired us through his experience within NoiseBridge, the hackerspace in San Francisco which he contributed to found, and through an interesting overview of the hacker scene in the Bay area. This meeting was also an occasion to compare different strategies and visions of hacking between Europe and USA.

Among the public were people from Computer Science and IMV at Aarhus University, Hack-Aarhus, the recently founded hackerspace in Aarhus and Labitat, the new hackerspace in Copenhagen. With the hope of having many other interesting occasions of sharing knowledge about interdisciplinary subjects (and people!), I suggest the readers to get involved in the discussion following the Hack-Aarhus mailing-list:

Here are some photos of the event.




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