KOMPLIZEN: Workshops & Public Talk Event

On April 6th, I am involved in the event: KOMPLIZEN: Workshops & Public Talk, taking part in the Movements Without Political Representatives workshop group.

Venue: Supermarkt, Brunnenstrasse 64, 13355 Berlin


What should we do together? In this post-Snowden world…

Since the Snowden disclosures, the protagonists of the digital revolution are preparing for a new era of collaboration: hackers and journalists, pirates and capitalists, amateurs and professionals. Yet the common goals are still rife with conflict; there is still a lack of common values and universal practices. Nonetheless, or possibly exactly for that reason, we have become accomplices (in German: Komplizen). What greater problems could be addressed if the supposed opponents put aside their quarrels and work together? How could having a look through someone else’s glasses provide new approaches to finding solutions?

The all-day event KOMPLIZEN offers video poker strategy workshops (10 am – 4 pm), which bring together hackers and journalists, pirates and capitalists, amateurs and professionals in an attempt to find answers to the question: What should we do together? At the end of the day, a panel (from 5 – 6 pm) offers room for a public debate.

Tatiana Bazzichelli (thewye.de, Berlin), Paula Bialski (Leuphana Universität, Lu?neburg), Ronald Blaschke (Netzwerk Grundeinkommen, Berlin), Detlef Borchers (heise.de, Berlin), Nicolas Kayser-Bril (Journalism++, Berlin/Paris), Danny Bruder (c3s.cc, Berlin), Júlio do Carmo Gomez (7nos.pt, Berlin), Thomas Dönnebrink (OuiShare, Berlin), Dirk Dresselhaus alias Schneider TN (mirrorworldmusic.com, Berlin), Joel Dullroy (Freelance Rights Movement, Berlin), Christophe Guené (Kreditunion, Berlin), Corinna Haas (ICI Bibliothek, Berlin), Matthias Hannig (Trustner.com, Tu?bingen), Diana Jeiroudi (dox-box.org, Damaskus), Julia Kloiber (Open Knowledge Foundation, Berlin), Bruno Kramm (Piratenpartei, Mu?nchen), Constanze Kurz (CCC.de, Berlin), lizvlx (ubermorgen, Wien), Marcel Mars (memoryoftheworld.org, Zagreb), Lilian Masuhr (bluestory.de, Berlin), Orwa Nyrabia (proactionfilm.com, Damaskus), Katja Petrova (Berlin Internship Justice, Berlin), Anwen Roberts (Eclipsing Bianries, Berlin), Gregor Sedlag (c-base.org, Berlin), Andreas Schneider (IIDJ.net, Tokio), Tobias Schwarz (Netzpiloten.de, Berlin), Harald Strack (ssystems, Berlin), Simon Worthington (Hybrid Publishing Lab, Lu?neburg), Tabea Grzeszyk (hostwriter.org, Berlin)and more.

Video and Visuals:
Dorotea Etzler aka lazy_liu

WS 1: The post-Snowden web: How should it be built?
WS 2: Networking journalism: Self-organization is necessary!
WS 3: Creatives on the payroll: Basic income instead of copyright?
WS 4: Library with future: Open knowledge for all?
WS 5: Movements without political representatives. Still!

Registration: Please register for one of the five hackathons until March 31st with a short note on your interests and issues under the following email address: komplizen@supermarkt-berlin.net

Cost: The fee is 10 Euro – covering also all day catering including a warm meal at lunch.

Please find further program info here:
Program German

Program English

E-Book Launch
As part of the event, we will be launching KOMPLIZEN – an ebook containing over 25 texts by international experts, edited by Magdalena Taube and Krystian Woznicki, which includes essays, reports, and portraits that provide an idea of where the production of culture and knowledge could lead when influenced by complicity.

More infohttp://irights-media.de/publikationen/komplizen

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/464855566974723/?fref=ts

Hashtag: #komplizen

KOMPLIZEN is curated and organized by berlinergazette.de and funded by the Culture Programme of the European Union with support by Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation and Knight-Mozilla OpenNews and in collaboration with SUPERMARKT, iRights.Media, TAB Ticketbroker, transcript. This event is part of the initiative “Aesthetic Education Expanded”: a project curated by berlinergazette.de, Kuda, Kontrapunkt, Mi2 and Mute – funded with support by the Culture Programme of the European Union.

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