aha@lists.ecn.org Mailinglist on artistic activism and net culture

The mailing list aha@lists.ecn.org is a node of the AHA project, hosted by the historical underground Italian network Ecn.org. It is a collective networking platform to share information and practices of activism, hacking and artivism. Active since December 2002, the mailing-list counts to date around 800 subscribers. Since 2008, the AHA community has been organising national AHA events, in Turin/Share Festival (March 2008), in Venice/AHACamping, (S.A.L.E., October 2008), in Milan/AHAcktitude (Cantiere, November 2009), in Pisa (January 2011), and at the Fine Art Academy of Carrara (April 2011). Mailing list: www.ecn.org/mailman/listinfo/aha.

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